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Internship Program

We are starting a 2 month React JS Internship which is a good opportunity to get more hands on skills in this area.

As an intern, you will gain:

  • New knowledge

  • Practice

  • A unique experience by working on projects.

About you

  • We expect you to be A REAL JUNIOR

  • Be eager to absorb information and advice from mentors as a sponge

  • Break things, try again, break and try again until you build a stable framework of knowledge around the things you are doing

  • Be prepared for the unknown - We do not yet know what will happen, but we have warned you! ;)

  • Basic knowledge and skill of React.js, CSS, JS

  • We don’t expect WORK experience, but starting knowledge is required

  • Intermediate written and spoken English

How do I start?

  • Apply to this internship!

  • Fill out the necessary details and we will get back to you very soon with the next steps

  • Wonder what those are? Usually a test assignment and a technical interview!

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