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5 Ways To Be More Productive The Upcoming Week

I know you all are tired of word "productivity". It is also defined differently sometimes, as being productive is a different amount of work for each. But we don't talk about how much work, but the effectiveness of your work. As the famous quote says work with your brain, not 24 hours.

Mind your Sunday

This is how it works; you can have your crazy Friday night and a hangover type Saturday. But always save your Sunday for more calm activities. Starting from Sunday, wake up early, go for a walk, and have a champion breakfast. Gift your Sunday to yourself. Take a relaxing bath, or do some face and body care. A short meditation will be great. Try to relax your mind and body to start a fresh week not hating Monday.

A Practicable To-Do List

You most likely have a to-do list (or several) that is causing you stress. Take it out and give the items that have been lingering a good look. If you check your to-do list twice, you probably will find out that you don't NEED to do a lot of things out of the list. Leave on the list only those that you really are going to make during the week though!

Prioritize Tasks

Keeping a to-do list isn't the only way to keep track of your tasks. Reacting to incoming duties and ideas and classifying them before they slip into the "good to have" category and clutter your head is a huge part of remaining productive. You must love adopting your productivity tools for prioritizing to function. It's important to keep in mind that the first one you try might not be the best match.


Locate the one that makes you feel the best. Your sleep pattern is as unique as your fingerprints, so find the one that makes you feel the best. Take adequate rest breaks–no coffee, no phone, no people–and, if necessary, snooze. I know folks who get by on 6 hours of sleep, and I've heard of medical students going to bed right after their 5 p.m. class and waking up to work until the wee hours of the morning.

Take Some Tips From Professionals

While chasing after someone else's dreams is a bad idea, following someone whose dreams you share is a wonderful idea.

My friends, family, and people who I relate to or who inspire me have taught me the majority of what I know about productivity (and it isn't copied and pasted). Surprisingly, most of these folks don't consider themselves to be "productivity coaches," and they don't consider what they do to be "productivity hacks." It's a way of life for them, it's really helpful.


Now, as you are energized and full of life, go and put there into your work. And remember, hard work always pays off!

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