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If Programming Languages Were Human Languages

In the same way that algebra, art, or jujitsu may be considered a language, I would argue that programming languages are human languages. Although they all require words, sophistication, and artistry, their purposes and functions are vastly different. So, no, they're not at all comparable.

I was digging this for years and once run against a scientific approach about the interpretation (verbal translation) that people have some codes in their mind/brain and they do the oral translation via that codes and even if they will translate the speech perfectly, they would not remember what the speaker was talking about.

The same process is going on with coding. The code is generated, which converts it into

computer-readable machine code.

Now let's see which the human languages were prototypes for programming languages. Just kidding, this is just my edition of languages.

C for Latin

C would be Latin, the progenitor of many popular languages, which is now only used by linguists and scientists.

Since its introduction in the late 1970s, C has made a significant contribution to the world of programming (C++ and C#), as well as serving as a parent. Both old school and functional.

As classic Latin was used before Christ in Roman Empire, but still used in Catholic churches, same way C was used before the new era of programming and still is present in modern temples (templates?)

Java For Spanish

Spanish reminds me of Java. The most common direct descendent of Latin (C), attempting valiantly to be as widespread as its forerunner.

As we talk about Java, it was not taken very seriously the days it came out, as Spanish was taken for granted in the shade of English. But now it is one of the most demanded languages worldwide and taught in schools and universities as first foreign language all over the world. I personally learned Spanish in uni, but it was not my choice, as I wanted French or Italian, but now I know that this language choose me right. Hablar Español es divertido.

C# For Portuguese

Somehow looks like Java but slightly different. Like Portuguese, C# is not something you keen to learn and code with, you may think "Oh, ok, I know Spanish and I will change some pronunciation and that will do". Well, I think with Spanish/ Portuguese you can do this, but about the coding languages please ask professionals not to blame me for your code disasters.

C++ for German

This language as German is harsh, hard and works, do-the-job language. In C++, skipping a semicolon after a statement can cause the entire program to fail. "The machine will still get this," won't work. And the computer refuses to do what you want if you miss something.

Isn't it the same with German: You cannot mess with that language and skip the grammar, here every rule should be kept to be able to speak literally?

HTML For Sign Language

You didn't think we forgot about the sign language, did you? Who else would be HTML if not sign language. This one is for sign language as HTML is descriptive. As with the sign language HTML is also a treat for eyes; you see to speak.

<XYZ> </XYZ>

This would be it. Being a linguist is cool-no matter you speaking languages or coding them. Stay with us, educate yourself with us!

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