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Awesome Team Building Ideas You Should Know

I would not open another world if I tell you that you spent most of your time with your work buddies. And even if you are not best friends and don't plan to become them, still it is important to work in a healthy space․ Teambuilding activities are exactly what help to build friendly relationships between coworkers. A strong team is more effective, productive, and successful, not to mention happier and more enjoyable to work with!


There are no grown-ups in your office, there are adults who love to play. Whoo-woo! There are numerous indoor, fun games that you can arrange to build your team's spirit. I suggest you go for games that help to improve the communication between your team. Heard about the Back-to-Back drawing?

You will need printouts of simple line drawings or basic forms, as well as paper and markers for this game.

Split your team into pairs and sit each pair next to each other. One of the two receives a simple image or a picture of a shape, while the other receives a piece of paper and a marker. The first one holding the photograph instructs their partner verbally on how to sketch the shape or image that has been handed to them (without simply telling them what the shape or image is). After a certain length of time has passed, have each pair of partners compare their drawings to evaluate which one is the most accurate reproduction.

Mini Parties

Having mini parties in the office is what all we need. There is no need for some special preparations, what matters is to have fun with the people you work with!

Cocktail Shakeup is one of the most popular adult hybrid plays. Attendees are given dry ingredients to make sophisticated mixed drinks each with different ingredients. During the event, a virtual bartender leads teams through an online "toast-off," a prohibition-themed digital scavenger hunt, and a tasteful, work-appropriate drinking game while also demonstrating how to make classy cocktails. Then you can exchange the glasses if you don't like what you made.

Hybrid Team Activities

During the last two years, we learned to be more flexible and work in different circumstances. If there are still team members in your workplace that prefer working remotely, you should engage them somehow too.

Outdoor team building has long been one of the most popular sorts of gatherings among any company's employees. Unfortunately, when travel limitations prevent such activities during a pandemic, virtual field trips serve as the best substitute. Prepare a questionnaire for a group a few days before the virtual gathering to find out where they wish to go: a museum, theater, or perhaps city sightseeing. The greatest of these programs involve online conversations with a guide to make the journey both educational and entertaining.

Sharing Is Caring

Sometimes, you are so busy completing your tasks that you forget about the others and even what they do. And don't let me start about learning new things. Here in BoomTech, we are making our Fridays more productive-friendly and sharing our skills and knowledge with each other presenting the whole material in slides. This helps us to learn more about each other and be a part of each profession, and again-every week learn something new.


We are not going to give you any direction where you could spend the best weekend with your team, but we, are definitely, voting for a wild adventure. Pack your things and go! Make sure you have the whole weekend planned off and can make those days for the team unforgettable. Think of some crazy stuff- like hiking and staying in the tents on the top of the mountain, or going to swim with white sharks! you choose! Those activities and feelings of adrenalin/ danger will bring the team together and make them closer than ever!

In a Nutshell

Even while planning a fun team-building event takes some time and effort, it will undoubtedly result in a happy and healthy workplace atmosphere! This will form a valuable culture for your office/team and this place will become heaven on earth to work in!

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