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Best 5 Calendar Apps For Your Businesses

From long ago calendars are not only to show dates. They help you to organize your schedule and much more. As a Business owner you should know the importance of having a calendar and how it improves the team performance.

Online calendars are real game-changers, not only you can make all your appointments with their help, but also you can have access to them with all the gadgets under your nose, integrate useful apps like Zoom, or any to-do lists which will help you to run your business more productively and from one spot. Let's take you there.

Boom Calendar

This Boom Calendar is a fast-developing online application. Currently, they are performing as a third-party app, but their own platform is already halfway to conquering the market.

FYI, being a third-party app doesn't mean to be less functional than others. In fact, this Boom calendar is a very useful app to organize your day, business, make reservations, and is profitable if you sell tickets.

You can integrate this app with other Calendar apps and have all the schedules in one place. And what is more important, they have a great team. Guys are very responsive to every request of their users and they know how to keep them satisfied.

It is an easy-to-use and responsive event calendar app that is needed for you and your community. Learn more about the Boom Calendar here.


Less is more! What can be a better title than "Calendar" for a calendar app. Huh?

The Calendar is gradually evolving into a dynamic calendar that assists you in prioritizing tasks based on historical and real-time data. For instance, the app will provide you notifications and reminders about your most critical activities for the day. The Calendar can be used to cooperate on other schedules and assign responsibilities. It can even figure out the optimal routes to your next meeting.

Besides, this app is totally free!

Google Calendar

Google is your first hand helper everywhere! If you have a Gmail account, then you have a G Calendar. You can quickly add events, create recurring appointments, and receive reminders through email or text using Google Calendar. You can also make many calendars with various colors to distinguish them. You can make a calendar for business, a calendar for daily reminders, and a calendar for birthdays, for example.

Outlook Calendar

This shouldn't come as a shock to anyone. After all, Microsoft's Outlook calendar was created with companies in mind. If your company already has a Microsoft Office 365 subscription, Outlook is included in that package.

In terms of design and features, Outlook is extremely similar to Google Calendar. You can view timetables, add events, and create numerous calendars, for example.


Fantastical 2 is part of the FlexBits package and is designed to be as flexible as possible. One of the nicest features of the program is the ability to switch between several calendars that you need to keep track of. It's a fun method to help you strike a healthy work/life balance.

Fantastical 2 can also transfer the calendar between OSX and iOS. This allows you to switch between your Apple devices as easily as possible. But that's also the app's biggest flaw: it's only available for Apple users.


Don't roll your eyes if I say scheduling is important- everybody needs reminders. As a matter of fact, you should look for a perfect match calendar app for your business needs. In this way, you will grow and be more productive as a team and as a product/service. Good luck with this.

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