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How To Create The Calendar You Need

It's not simple to keep track of everything you have to accomplish and remain on top of it all. That is why the most influential people adhere to a strict schedule. The issue is that many people build many calendars to represent various aspects of their business.

You might keep one calendar for all of your business obligations, another for your personal life, and perhaps a third for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. Being organized can become a challenge over time because you're constantly bouncing back and forth between multiple calendars. Making a master calendar is the most logical solution.


Creating Master Calendar

You want to have a master calendar, you should know everything about your business and make sure what you want to see on your calendar.

Before you build a master calendar, you must first choose what should be included. The only way to do so is to make a list of everything you need to focus on daily. Don't worry about how these items are written down or ordered because this isn't a to-do list. It's just a mental dump that shows you what activities take up your days.


Types Of Calendar Users

MINIMALIST: Those are the calendar users that just need to show some events that are going to take place in that month. They don't need any extra feature, just maybe to sync some external Calendars with their website's Boom Event Calendar. What you need:

- Add our Boom Event Calendar

- Use free plan

- Make some design tweaks to match with your site colors/design

- Sync with external Calendars (Eventbrite, Google, Outlook), also with Zoom, if you also would have online meeting schedule. This is totally optional, though nice to have.

NOTE: If you want to be the Minimalist, take into account to arrange just 7 events for a month!

MOTIVATED: If you need more than displaying your plans on the calendar, then you are the MOTIVATED type of our users․ I bet you want to share your events on social media. I would recommend you to use those features, but also, before that let's activate the Starter Plan; and give your users the opportunity to register on your events!

- Become a Starter plan user

- Activate "Search" option on your calendar

- Import/export events form the external Calendars

- Activate the Registration feature

ENTHUSIAST: There you are, the type of user we all waited for! I guess you want to have it all, and we are ready to give it to you. This types of users usually aim for the Business Plan. They are the ones who combine estheticism with business, and besides making the best calendar to organize the work traffic, they also make money with it. So here are the to-do list I made for you;

- Activate Business plan

- Sync your Boom Event Calendar with all the external ones

- Allow your users to add their events to your Calendar

- Use Sell tickets

Doesn't matter if you are a big business owner or you are away from that. When you are the Enthusiast user, then you are the businessman/lady.

CONVENIENT: This are the types of users that know exactly what they need and don't want even to think more or less. We call them Convenient. Those are the types of users that want to have several calendar on their website and use those calendars for different purposes and cleverly.

We give you this recipe to be #boomconvenient

- Activate Professional Plan

- Let your visitors to add your Boom Event Calendar's event to their local calendars

- Activate the print button to make sure your users will be able to have the paper calendar too

- Let visitors copy or directly share events to social media platforms


This is just a small guide to put you on the right way of the path creating the master calendar. The rest is up to you which role is yours. Moreover, you can mixed them up and create the role you want to have while using our calendar.

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