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If Programming Languages Were Disney Characters

Some snobs think that Disney is basic or outdated but we are not them. We all have some cozy evenings with their movies, and our childhood characters still follow us. And I thought we should have an "if programming languages were..." article for them, as Disney characters stand out with their strong identity and there is something to dig in. This is the Disney Princess and Villain edition.

C++ for Jasmine

As C++ is hard to learn for the ones who lack experience in coding, tempting this eastern Princess is not a piece of cake for guys even like Aladdin.

C++ is the only programming language that really can compete with all, and it will never go out of trend. Princess Jasmine is C++'s sole match, because of her legendary usage of semicolons and her refusal to be silenced, as evidenced by the fact that she will vomit multiple error lines for a single mistake.

Python For Jafar

You have noticed that wand in Jafar's hand, right? I am not telling you that it is a Python, but still a snake. Obviously, he is a Python in our story.

Python has captivated the attention of over 6 million developers as the fastest-growing programming language by what appears to be black magic and absolute wizardry. As a result, there is no better Python match than Jafar.

Java For Belle

You know, how strong and supportive Java is. It is famous even among the ones who are far away from the IT world. Such as Belle is one of the most famous Princesses of Disney with her yellow gorgeous dress for those who are more Villains than Princess.

Java is an elegant yet nerdy programming language that is always right. You remember Belle, right? She was never out of her books and no one could ever argue with the Miss Always Right.

Java For Ursula

As Java is some kind of two-faced language, it is the only one on our list that gets both- Princess and Villain.

Despite her all good intentions, Java has evil notes and is kind of envious․

Java, a legendary programming language, has managed to steal all other coding languages' voices. It is by far the most widely used language, particularly in texts about algorithms. It's only natural that Ursula is the ideal match.

Mulan for Whitespace

As Mulan is my personal favorite, I couldn't help but include her in my list. And I could open a new language for me tho.

Mulan has earned her place among the Disney princesses, yet she is not a true princess like the others. Not only is she not a real princess, but she defies all gender conventions and is both hilarious and inspiring when she dresses up as a man.

Whitespace, like Mulan, forges its path, defying prejudices that drive computer languages to neglect spaces, tabs, and newlines. Furthermore, like Mulan, Whitespace's reflection — which is invisible because it's nothing but whitespace - fails to adequately portray who she is on the inside.

Happily Ever After

I think I would fancy Disney movies more if Villains and Goodies made couples. Would be more realistic and much closer to programming. Anyways, we wish you a "happily ever after" coding experience, and don't drink some nameless potions, make your own cup of coffee.

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