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Save Money On This Halloween in Yerevan

Halloween is celebrated in Yerevan for a couple of years already but it keeps on being the most contradictious of all holidays. But still, it is the most fun celebration of all, sure if you don't become from trick or treat to the tricked one.

Anyways, let's see how to have the most budget-friendly Halloween and where to go for the best celebrations.


Isn't it true that you want to dress up in a costume, run around in the dark pretending to be someone you're not(like you don't do that all the time), eat sweets, and howl at the moon?

This is the ideal time to give way to all things dark and frightening, and you don't have to spend a fortune to do it. Check those tips out!


I know, shopping is not the best way to save money, but you still have to wear something and not ruin your boudoir. The thrift stores (giveaway stores) are the best options here. You can buy very cheap clothes which you can makeover and not feel guilty. Besides, maybe you can find some costumes that don't even need to be touched and you'll easily fulfill your character. You can find such things in Second hand Belgium which is on the Mashtots-Lusavorich crossroad.


If you don't have the best costume then what's your point of going to a party? A proper costume is, of course, one of the most significant components of Halloween. Some people go all out and spend an entire year putting together an outfit that will impress all of their friends, but this takes a lot of time, effort, and money. But you know the rules- less is more, so be more creative with the things you got.


Yerevan can surprise you with the prices of even the simplest decoration prices. To skip such heartbreaks (or attacks), keep away from the party shops. Go to the local supermarket and you will surely find some good toys and other stuff at good prices. And remember on cringe stuff is treated better. So, go, find the worst-looking pumpkin on the veggie market and the old candles to make the scariest faces.

Yerevan on Halloween; where to go?

Local kids/teens will surprise you with the scary make-up and masks on the Kentron streets, so if you are not a party animal, just walk and enjoy the spirit of the city on this special day. But if you want to dance, eat and drink and have more fun, follow me.

This PUB is famous for its extra cocktails and live music going on. This time they are hosting a Harry Potter Halloween party. Grab your grandma's glasses and mom's red lipstick to draw the scar. You're ready to rock and it's Leviosaaa!

In Los Pueblos it is Dia de Los Muertos but no need to kill yourself. This place is one of the best Mexican food providers out there. There will be songs, dances and lots of food! Just grab a guitar and sombrero maybe?

This place is the best for the wild ones. If you love the spirit of 1800's Texas and any kind of adventure, you should definitely spend your Halloween night in this bar. All you need is something red(that's the dress code, maybe Allan Poe would be there too) and an empty stomach; they are going to give away drinks!


This is it! I shared all the useful tips and tricks I use. Now it's your turn to rise and shine! Double, double toil and trouble.

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