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Talk Is Cheap. Show Me Your Code

If you are not moving forward, you're falling back! This is what we've adopted as a motto and keep going always. These days we have finished a massive work on our Boom Calendar- her majesty code refactoring. We want to celebrate this together and tell you about the processes and the main changes that affected on app's better work.

Code Tuning

From the very first day since Calendar app is launched, we always are very careful with the codes, but you know, there is always a slight layer of dust that escapes the broom. Besides, there are always updates and new trends that we follow and implement to the core of the codes.

At first sight, this is the invisible part and kind of boring, but if we don't pay attention this behind the curtains action, it will be very eye scratching.

Fast and Furious

Tiding up the codes helped the app work even faster. This is the most visible and significant change our users see. This has its good impact especially on repeating events and the loading time of the integrated calendars' events. We help our users to satisfy their users.

Design Updates

As we save the major design changes for the Calendar platform which is coming soon, BTW, we did some small changes on the Calendar interface which help the app look more chick.

Here are the main changes that we make in tech terms;

✓ Translations lazy loading package

✓ Boom-components lazy loading package

✓ Split Webpack configs environment

✓ Multiplatform Architecture

✓ Modern syntax

✓ Redux flow implementation

✓ Memoizations

✓ New version of FullCalendar (from v4to v5)

✓ Dynamic loadable chunks

✓ More Understandable File structure

✓ Reduced Project size more than twice (from 1.73mb to 850kb)

✓ Custom Hooks

✓ Data driven development Implementation

✓ Removed unused libs

Last Words

This period is very exciting for us and we are not going to wait for the new year to publish the changes. We keep our balance, we keep moving.

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