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Where To Celebrate Valentine's Day In Yerevan

When it comes to Valentine's Day, we all want to make the affair extra memorable for those we truly love. That could mean a conventional romantic meal or exchange of DIY Valentine's Day presents, but doing something a little more unique and creative will help you show your significant other how much they mean to you. Fortunately, we've compiled a list of fabulously unusual activities to do on Valentine's Day this year, whether you're searching for a romantic date with your partner or just want to do something different. And if you're skipping the holiday entirely, we recommend doing some of these activities on your own so you can still have a good time while missing out on the celebrations.

Yerevan is not that big, but there are surprisingly many places you can take your lover to. If you follow those destinations we mention in this blog post, we make them accordingly as per the style of activity. Hurry up to book your place.

Romantic Dinner at Level Eleven Rooftop restaurant

It's always important to take your lover high and celebrate your love in the sky. If you are that hopeless romantic and prefer the classics of celebrating Valentine's day, then the dinner in the Level Eleven Rooftop restaurant is the perfect choice for you. On February 14 they'll provide live music, a special menu, a welcome drink, a photoshoot, and many other surprises. Hurry up and save a table for two.

If you think even on Valentine's day a little party would never kill you, then look at this. The hottest event of the most romantic day of the year is at FoodPark by Downtown. There will be the coolest bands and DJs to cheer you up and send love straight from the stage. Come to dance and celebrate love- with love.

Cultural Shock

If you think about the cultural events that you and your partner (or Valentine's day date) need, here we cannot agree with you more. We have made this tour idea up. This will go before-in-after activities. Karen Grigoryan quintet invites you to their jazz evening in Ulikhanyan club on February 10. Their concerts are irresistible even if you think jazz is not for you. Then, straight on February 14, you go to the Russian drama theatre named after K. Stanislavsky to a romantic comedy play "Tie me to the bed". This unbelievable turns of events will make you laugh and relax from the daily stress. And finalize your week of love with a "Sona and Garik" concert and rock your mood in the Mezzo club on February 22.

Let's Play Love

Finally, if you are that cozy couple who likes to stay in and play board games, we have a special place for you to spend the most splendid evening. "Nkoogh" is a brand new game bar in the town, where you can play all your childhood board games and more. I have been there couple of times, and defiantly recommend you going there. Doesn't matter you take your partner alone, or you want a double date on this day, or even with a group of friends (the more the better), they have all the activities to cheer you up. Here also you can find a delicious kitchen and amazing bar with the best staff who will help to make your day really special. This can be a fresh touch to your daily life as you have never been in suchlike a place in Yerevan before, I promise. Welcome to Abovyan 22.

Happy Valentine's Day

Love is a celebration. No matter where you go it is important to have that one person next to you who will make every day a love fest. Happy Valentine's Day!

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