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RSVP and Why You Should Use It

Have you ever wanted to make sure you’ll get your place in an event, but were too lazy to email the owner to save some for you? Or else, something came on and you couldn't go but wasn't sure whom to warn? SO, to avoid all those unpleasant scenarios, you should meet the RSVP.


The name "RSVP" comes from the French phrase "répondez s'il vous plaît," which means "please respond." When you see RSVP appears on an online invitation, be sure that the host expects the visitor to indicate whether or not they intend to attend the celebration.

Using online RSVP will help your visitors to save a spot at your event fast and easily. If your orientation is RSVP, then it is a checkpoint for your users to save them a chair, and for you as a host to see who's responded and who hasn't.

You can also have them RSVP directly on Facebook and Instagram, which will reduce drop-offs and let you connect more people on their preferred channels.

If you make your events go online with RSVP, then all the instructions on how to respond will be included too. This makes your life easier and saves plenty of time for your users. IF you are hosting some formal events, RSVP will send your guests an online envelop where they can have a letter with the option of rejecting or accepting your call. Informal invitations, on the other hand, may include a phone number, email address, SMS address, or social media address, as well as directions on how to respond. An online RSVP request makes it a piece of cake to respond by email or links to a site that is one-button click difficult to accept or decline.

RSVP User Policy

Many people fail to RSVP because they do not want to let the host down. This attempt to avoid hurting their feelings frequently ends up causing more problems than a straightforward NO. An inadequate list of replies can create for the host a variety of complications, including difficulty estimating meal servings, issues with catering hall minimum guarantees, uncertainty about the number of party favors, and difficulties preparing appropriate seating, to name a few.

SO, as a guest please make sure you will be responsible enough to keep your promise and attend the event if the reason to cancel it is not valid enough like illness or death of a close person.


How to make an aesthetic Registration Form?

We already sure about the importance of using RSVP, but let's catch the users with beautiful interface too.

Probably the most fundamental aspect of the event lifecycle is developing an event registration strategy for your users. The users that register for your event are interested in what your event has to offer. Making the registration process as bright as day will ensure that they finish it, and attendees will leave with a great image of the event. A simple registration process increases the number of individuals who complete it and builds trust between participants and event organizers.

Make it simple

Be sure, your user don't need to overcome obstacles and mythical animals to save the princess. They just want a simple form to fill in about 30 seconds and then get back to their business. So just give them a ripe lemon to squeeze.

Be detail oriented

We all know that devil is in the details, so make sure you let no evil be between you and your users. Nothing makes a person more nervous than seeing an error notice after filling out a form.

Keep your users posted Make sure you include a reminder for the attendees and, of course, a polite cancellation email as a backup plan in your form. If you also insert a link to your Privacy Policy, that would be the best. All those details serve to establish a degree of confidence between the organizers and users that will last throughout the event process.

Contact us

The users will have questions, no matter how simple or detailed your registration procedure seems to be. Provide contact details for help in a visible location.

Boom Event Calendar's Registration Feature

I am trumpeting the RSVP feature as this is what our Boom Calendar users love the most and this is the feature that was made by considering our users suggestions. I mean, c'mon, isn't this perfect- the event hosts and guests help to build the feature that will be perfect for both sides.

Our registration form is agile and customizable, so you would surely find the things you search for.

This is the ready form of the Monthly layout of Boom Calendar.

To make you even more excited, we have recently launched the "Sell ticket" feature, which is an excellent addition to the Registration. This duet makes the perfect and complete RSVP. Check that blog article to learn more! Stay healthy!

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