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Why Boom Event Calendar?

We all don't want to lose track of dates and times, so we use calendars and watches. Throughout the time, sundials were replaced with screen watches on smartphones, and the calendars developed from the Sumerian ones to the handy online ones.

But some people are not satisfied by only learning the date, and they want much use of their online calendars. Well, our Boom Event Calendar is just about this. Please keep reading to know how it is different!

What We Made For You

When saying that Boom Calendar is one of the most functional ones on the internet, we don't lie. We updated our app on the WIX platform months ago, and we just launched the updated version of our Calendar on the Weebly platform.

So, first of all, I want to mention the beautiful design of all the layouts (Monthly, Agenda, Card, Daily, and Weekly, also Map view), the handy usage of the settings, and non-stop development of fresh features.

REGISTRATION: The Registration feature is one of the best things that could happen to a calendar owner. You activate this on your events and start to manage the traffic of the participants flow 10x easier. You can set guest limits, send the users' notification emails.

SELL TICKETS: Along with the registration comes the Sell ticket feature. It is the freshest addition to our Calendar and one of the most useful ones. You can create and sell tickets for the events you have on your Calendar online, also can make free tickets just in case. You cannot lie telling that this is not great!

VISITOR EVENT: Isn't this great to allow your users to add THEIR events to your Calendar? This is the best way to collaborate with your users and make your events both sides.

MOBILE APP: And finally, your management of the Calendar traffic can happen right in your hands. With our Mobile app, it's like you have a mini editor where you can manage your events easily from any point and not having to reach your PC.

There are many other features and additions to our Boom Calendar; keep track of our blog posts and know more!

Who Uses Boom Event Calendar?

There are thousands of individuals and businesses that use and enjoy our app-Boom Event Calendar. This means that it is perfect for almost all the requirements an individual/business can have. From medical institutions to religious organizations- all the way we have users.

The all-time favorite feature of our Boom Event Calendar is our Registration feature, and now Sell Tickets is racing with it. They are the ones that help you to keep your users and event visitors on track and activate payment on your events' tickets.

Let's say you are a language teacher and running a small website for your students. You are adding our Boom Event Calendar to your website and creating an event on it to let your students know when they have classes for the new students when you are free so they can register. Or maybe you want to run a conference, online or not, and you can create an event and let people register, sell tickets for the event. This will save you time and add traffic to your website; you can earn money on your events.

For businesses, it is mandatory to have scheduled calendars not to mess up things. For example, you are a clinic, and how many visitors you have daily. To make your administrative workers' jobs more manageable, you add our Boom Event Calendar. They are just creating the appointments for the doctors and the visitors; they will send them emails about the date/time, even if the meeting is canceled.


We create what you need

When we say that our customers' opinion is very important for us, we mean it. There are lots of features and options that we make according to the users' requests. We discuss every suggestion with our team and make the app as comfy to use as possible. So you can be very sure that we would make your calendar just for you.

Wrapping up

Boom Event Calendar improves the usefulness and performance of your website. Most importantly, it provides a new means for current and prospective clients to stay informed about your firm's activities, resulting in long-term online and offline marketing success.

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